Our Approach

We want to hear from you. What your goals are. Will they be subtle changes, something only you and close friends would notice? Would you accentuate those lips and be the head turner amongst colleagues? Whatever your preference, we will listen to you. We aim to give you the results you are looking for. We can help with suggestions but, ultimately we want you to be happy.

My Story

After serving our country in the U.S.M.C. and local community on the fire department I felt I wanted to do more. I always enjoyed helping others. My career choices reflect that. One goal I had before I served our country was to be a nurse. So I decided to tackle the undergraduate degree in nursing. After several years managing a full time job and school I succeeded in obtaining my BSN in nursing. Since then I have honed skills at some of the most prestigious hospitals in Boston, MA. When I realized managing two full time jobs was not maintaining good quality of life at home I needed to make a change. A colleague introduced me to the amazing world of aesthetics. I was instantly intrigued. Since then I have received training from one of the top leaders in this field and most definitely in this region. I now am certified in several procedures and treatments to better serve the diverse needs of all who seek to revitalize their life in any way you choose.
Meet the Team

I feel that we all create our own reality and if this service that I can provide can alter yours in a positive way then I feel that I have done a great service to you. We are here in this world to help others and hopefully maintain a healthy and positive life style that reaches well into the future. I'm pleased to be there with you in this time of change.
Robert Barrett
Founder & CEO

I have traversed the globe for our nation, fought fires and protected your homes and tended to the ill of the community. Now I will attempt to preserve the light of who you are inside and out. I look forward to meeting you all. Be safe and always remember to smile.