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Fill in your information in the contact form which will prompt one of our staff to contact you or you can simply call 857-540-2099 and we coordinate a time that works best for you.

You can contact us and we can cancel and/or reschedule you for a more convenient date and time.

All appointments have a consultation time included. If you would like more information about a specific service or product please let us know and we can schedule your appointment accordingly. Otherwise, we are happy to accommodate you in any way we can.

Although Vita Eterna is exclusively a mobile service, we are also located in to locations for your convenience. Two Twenty Two Salon & Spa, 222 North st, Hingham, MA and CRK Beauty, 135 Charles st, Boston, MA We provide door to door service. Whether it be in the privacy of your own home, at a friends home who is hosting an event or any where else you are comfortable. Contact us further more information.

Simply call to book an event. An event is classified by a client looking to host an event where there will be at least 3 additional clients that are receiving treatments in addition to the host. Be sure to inquire about the rewards for hosting an event.