Incentive Programs!

Here at Vita Eterna we want you to know your support is appreciated. We have implemented a few ways to give back. With Botox needing maintenance every few months we thought a returning client should be rewarded for their loyalty. Also, seeing how you will love the work we do here at Vita Eterna you are more than likely to tell your friends and family about us. So, every new client you bring in that receives treatment you will be rewarded $25 towards your next BOTOX treatment with no cap of referrals.

Prepay for future treatments and be rewarded!

  • Botox is recommended every 3-5 months. First treatment at regular price and pre scheduled subsequent treatments will be 15% off each booking.
  • Referral program: Receive $25 off towards next treatment with each new referred client.
Bundling Services!

In order to get the best value for your money we want to provide you with an opportunity to save when receiving two or more treatments.
  • Botox + any other service= $50 off
  • Two or more treatments excluding Botox=$100 off
Hosting an event!

If you host an event you will receive 50% off your Botox treatment and 10% off any additional services.
  • To receive these rewards at least 3 clients have to be treated at your event.